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Jason Olivotti, IMSE, CEO

I graduated cum laude from the school of Industrial and Systems Management Engineering. After graduating I held a position with IBM as an Infrastructure Project Manager where I exceled at reducing project times to completion and minimizing cost utilization. I also established a location analysis and training manual that was used when I was present with my wonderful team at IBM.

I always knew I would work for myself and began derving plans in 2003. Considering I did not have a well to do family or liquid cash, as many others do when starting a business, I knew it would be tough, but also I knew I could do it. I researched, derived the business plan and obtained the 1.3 million dollars needed for the launch of Aquatic Physical Therapy & Beyond, today known as a top clinic in the triangle region, which possesses an unbelievable amount of competition. Despite that 80% of small businesses fail within the first two years, I was able to get the company in the black in six months and by the end of the first fiscal year, the company was experiencing a net of $22,330.00 per month. In only a year, I convinced the bank to sponsor me in the purchase of the building that the clinic resides in. Today, the company nets anywhere from $30,000.00 to $34,000.00+ per month, yet I still purchase used cars and am as frugal as Sam Walton who started walmart, yet drove an old truck.

I am very good at seeing many aspects of business that others aren't able to and I would love to assist you in making your business a success or assisting you in increasing your net profit.

There is no initial charge to you! My payment is only based on the increase of your income due to my work, ideas and implementation thereof. If I can't help, I don't get paid.
Small Business Assistance USA (SBA)
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